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The UN Millennium Goals

"We will have time to reach the Millennium Development Goals – worldwide and in most, or even all, individual countries – but only if we break with business as usual.
We cannot win overnight. Success will require sustained action across the entire decade between now and the deadline. It takes time to train the teachers, nurses and engineers; to build the roads, schools and hospitals; to grow the small and large businesses able to create the jobs and income needed. So we must start now. And we must more than double global development assistance over the next few years. Nothing less will help to achieve
the Goals."

United Nations Secretary-General
Kofi A. Annan

In 2000 representatives from 189 Members States of the United Nations have promised to do everything in their powers to reduce poverty to its half by 2015. In many people’ opinion now is the time for them to prove what they have promised in 2000. Today 1, 2 billion people live in poverty with less than a dollar per a day.

If we succeed to reach the eight Millennium Development  Goals within 2015, 500 million people will be raised out of poverty, 250 million will not get to bed hungry anymore and 30 million children, who do not survive their age of  5, can plan their futures. For those billions of people who live in extreme poverty the Millennium Development Goals are the matter of death and life. For the rest of the world they are the keys to a peaceful and more secure future.

Friends of Sutukoba wishes to contribute in visualizing and currying out the UN Millennium Goals.




The Millenium Goals

1. Halve extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primery education
3. Em power women and promote equality between women and men.
4. Reduce under-five mortality by twothirds
5. Reduce maternal mortality by threequarters
6. Reverse the spread of diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and malaria.
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Create a global partnership for development, with targets for aid, trade and debt relief.


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