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Rice Project

The Rice Project

In a cooperation work between Friends of Sutukoba, Travel for peace (Aktive Fredsreiser), Sutukoba village and the agriculture department in Gambia a  big rice project is established with the purpose that Sutukoba- Wuli District will become self-sufficient in rice.

The agriculture department undertakes the technical counselling, friends of Sutukoba and Aktive Fredsreiser (Travel for peace) try to collect the funds, and the village and the rice project committee carry out the project.
The land that would be used is 4 square kilometre = 400 hector.

250 hector would be used to rice production
20 hector to vegetable
50 hector to fruit trees
50 hector to maize (corn)
20 hector to couscous
10 hector to finger grass
All together 400 hector

The villagers have cleaned up a big piece of the land and planted it with rice with big enthusiasm in 2003. It grew very good but unfortunately a strong rainy season destroyed everything. It was impressing to see a great area have been cleaned up.
Helga Arntzen with some members of the project committee visited the land on 29th March 2004.
The area is so big and it should be cleaned up with bulldozer and shovel. Using these tools for 10 days would cost D 525 000 = NOK 131 250($21330).
This would be done in 15th May2004.

Summery of the collected resources:
Students and adults donate coins at our journeys.
Collected pr. 1.5.04 kr. 39 747,-($6459)
Presents from individuels kr. 43 976,-($7146)
Sum pr. 1.5.04 kr. 83 723,-(13606)

Summery of project’s fee:
Renting the tractor, buying seed and food to the workers would cost D 7927, - kr. 1 982($322).
Travelling cost for 4 experts from Banjul to Sutukoba D1500, - kr. 375($60)
Divers costs D 21 467 kr. 5 367. ($872)
Bulldozer and shovel for 10 days D 525 000 kr. 131 250. ($21330)

The money needed to first phase is kr. 138 974,-($22585)
We lack kr. 55 251,-($ 8979) to fulfil the first phase.
Rice project office number: 2801 09 67297




Sutukoba rual agricultural and development project proposal


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