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Intervju med Sunkung Danso

Sunkung DansoIntervju med Sunkung Danso

Q- What is your name?
A- My Name is Sunkung Danso

Q- How old are you?
A- I am 24 years old

Q- Can you please tell us about your educational background?
A- Yeah, I started going to school in 1991/02 academic year at Nyakoi Lower Basic School. I completed primary school in 1999. I was enrolled in Nyakoi junior secondary school in 1999/2000 academic year and completed in year 2002. From there, I should get in to the senior secondary school in 2002/03 academic year but it could not materialize because of school fees. The earning capacity of my parents was very low. They find it very difficult to feed the family at the same time pay my school fees. I was unable to attend school in 2002/03 and 2003/04 until 2004/05 academic year when The friends of Sutukoba came to my aid and sponsored me.

Q- How long have you been sponsored by the friends of Sutukoba?
A- Friends of Sutukoba started sponsoring me in 2004\05 academic year up to 2007 which I completed Senior Secondary School.

Q- What are your plans after completing Senior Secondary School?
A- Thanks for your concern. I am planning to enter in the University of The Gambia. I would like to study Economies and finance at the university.

Q- What is the latest news about Sutukoba village?
A- It was rain very heavy at Sutukoba. Throughout August, people of Sutukoba experience many heavy rainfalls than the past two years. The most interesting thing is that at the beginning of the rainy season it was rainy and storm or thunder until storm fell on one Karalang Jaiteh’s house when he was not in the village on that day.







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