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Children School Foundation

Children Schoolfoundation


Children School Foundation is a project supports the children in Sutukoba and the area around with school fees. This project is initiated by Friends of Sutukoba organization. The organization works to obtain sponsors for these children.
The school is basically free but the parents must pay for the school uniform, exam’s fee, pencils, note books etc.
This is a big burden for many parents. Besides they need the children working capacities.
Friends of Sutukoba motivates all the families to send their children to the school. Those who do not have the financial capability, they can ask the district committee for the support. The district committee chooses the children who are in need most, and then promotes the cases to us.

Now we have over 600 sponsored children

Do you wish to sponsor a child or more?
Or give a friend a sponsored child as a gift?

It costs only kr 200,- ( $28 ) to sponsor a child for the whole one year school and the amount will cover the student’ need for the year.
You would receive personal information and photos of the child and the children according to your wish.
 You are welcomed to e-mail us post[AT]

The representatives of Friends of Sutukoba travel to from Norway to Gambia each year, taking presents to the sponsored children. The chief education officer and the representatives visit the schools and meet the teachers and the students. Then they would give the children the presents and take photos.
Children School Foundation project has been approved in the spring of 2000 and in September the same year we got the first sponsored child.
The interest was great and it is delightfull to see the sponsored children meant a lot both for the adults and the children as well.
At Christmas 2000 Christmas presents, drawings and greetings postcards have been sent to these children. We have sent a big amount of second hand clothes and shoe to the children. They were 95 packages of clothes and shoes. In November 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 all the children were visited by the representatives of Friends of Sutukoba.
You can also come and visit your sponsored child or children.
A tour would be arranged january - february 2010.
Please contact Travel for Peace (Aktive Fredsreiser) for more information, tel: 37153900





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