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The Projects

The Projects
Friends of Sutukoba has worked with many projects since 1983. We have many ongoing projects which are based on the wishes of Wuli population.  The experience has taught us it is not wise to start any project without people’s initiation.
The projects are of various seizes.

Support the projects:
If someone wishes to support a particular project, it is possible to specify to which projects the donation should go.

Children School Foundation:
You can sponsor the students at the school in Wuli District. It costs only kr.150,($ 24) to provide for a student with school uniform, food and books for the whole year. The student should be provided for the whole primary school period which is 6 years. The information about the family and the photo of the child would be given. The corresponding is preferred to be in English. Presents beside a child’s school fee are to be donated to a joint fund, so that all the children could get the same amount of money.

The projects
Many small projects have been implemented in Sutukoba and Wuli since 1982. There are many donors within the years. The projects are mainly carried out by the young people in Sutukoba, but the villagers also participated.

The projects and the money which are canalized through Friends of Sutukoba and Helga Arntzen are:

The projects 2000-2001
Buying rice in connection with the flood catastrophe
Children school foundation
Malaria tablets
Health Center in Passamas village
Village store, Women Organization in Manakoto
Storehouse for crop in Musa Kunda
Storehouse for crop in Sare Teneng
Storehouse for crop in Sare Geddah
Storehouse for crop in Madina Saho

The projects from 1982-1999
Vegetable farmland and wells for 500 women
Building preschool in Sutukoba (Risor Red Cross)
Building preschool in Briffu, the goal: to stimulate the school
Building Health Centers in more villages
Building Bakery, the goal: self-sufficiency with bread
Village store, the goal; the energy to run their own projects, learn estimation and management, learn to trade in a way that will benefit the village, to have sufficient selection of basic goods in order to save the women the long way to the markets in town.
Tree Plantation Project, the whole village is involved, the goal: working against desertification
Friendly Football Match between Risør Football Club and Helga Team in Gambia.
Opening of Junior Team in Sutukoba-1987
Football equipment to the teams in Sutukoba, Basse, Foday Kunda, Briffu, the goal: increasing the solidarity between the young and encouraging them to return to the villages.
Football Cup, the goal: increasing the inspiration
Management of the teams in Basse and Sutukoba.
School furniture- Carpentry Project in Musa Kunda
Oven Project, building of clay ovens, the goal: to spare the expensive fuel and work against desertification.
Preventing fire-damaged, especially with children.
Courses in oven making and following up- for the villages Musa Kunda, Kanageh and Darbo Kunda.
Video, TV and Solar Cell for teaching and pleasant atmosphere. Installed in Day Care Center with TV, solar cell which is used in adult education.
Support to Cysarda, the Gambian Self-help Organization. Education of Bakary which is sponsored by Helga.
Printing Kora books, the goal: to not forget the history
Printing ABC in Mandika language, the goal: to learn writing in the local language.
School materials, presents like school books, bags and pencils have been given to the primary and the preschool in Sutukoba for years.
Repairing the wells, especially the school wells were needed to be repaired, the goal: clean drinking water to the school children.
Stoking shelves and fitting up in Day Care Center, the goal: securing presents and equipment that would be used within the year.
Medical and First Help equipment, the goal: supporting the local Red Cross Association and the epileptics.
First-help courses, the goal: more knowledge about hygiene and first –help, to help and make it easier to the local doctors.
Supporting the teaching in Day care center, the goal: to insure the management.
Supporting the inpatients
Supporting the operations
Supporting the traditional doctor in Sutukoba
Supporting the district doctor.
Supporting the families that lost everything in fire.
Reparation of Solar Cell Panel.
Prayer ats to the mosque.
Motor cycle to the project leaders ( Mamadi Jabai and Bakary)
Cultural festival in Wuli, yearly arrangement
Bicycles to the Youth Organization
Two transporting cars to Sutukoba
Horse and wagon to the transportation in Sutukoba
Supporting the Women Organizations
Supporting the mill
Supporting school students of Junior High School and gymnasium (the project is run by Junior High School and High School in Risør). Risor Junior High School has involved since 1992.
Participating in the Northern/ Southern Friendship Association
T-shirt, School of Friendship. Sutukoba/ Risor
Helping the villages that had big fires
Supporting and guaranteeing the three Gambian students in Risor.
Bakary Jabai’s education in Norway
Sending clothes from Risor( 230 packages)
Rice Plantation Project
Opening Youth Organization in Sutukoba
Batik Project
Moulded Drinking Troughs for cows
Batteries for Solar Cells and generators
Soap Production
Vaseline Production
Sewing machines, education in sewing and embroidering
Travel for project leaders to Norway ( Mamadi)
Supporting water pipelines and suction lines
Evening’s training for women
Agricultural machines, 12  plough 12 harrow, 12 sow machines
Second hand clothes stores Phoday Nyabally
Building cottages for the gests (in Mamadis compound)
Building cottages for the VSO- representatives
Reparation of old courtroom for overnight visitors and small businesses
Food for the children in the preschool
Building shed tools for the farmland project
Medicines to the horses
Opening of Sutukoba Red Cross in 1987 and many teams in Wuli
Pen-friends between Sutukoba and Risor
Building of public toilets in Sutukoba
Training of smith
Participation of project leaders in IULA conference in Oslo
Participation of Helga at North/South Conference in Berlin in 1992. Representatives form 52 countries participated in IT and it was preparation for “Berlin Charter’
Medicines form the Norwegian Medical Depot
Gambia Concert in Kafe Krag in Risor
Supporting VSO
Supporting the school committee in Sutukoba
Supporting the midwife in  Sutukoba
School toilets in Phoday Kunda
Office equipment for the office in Sutukoba
Fireproof storage boxes
Bicycles to the handicapped school children
Gas refrigerators for the medicines
Supporting the chicken farm
Loan to Bakary Jabai, Mamadi Jabai, Phoday Touray
Equipment to the farmland project
Dentist’s fee
Football equipment
Hearing equipment
Rice cultivation
Project for mental handicapped
Informational Project about tuberculosis
Rice for the families who are in need and their crop fields are damaged by the flood







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